• The European Charter - POBAL continuously and closely monitors the implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (an international legislative instrument)
  • The Irish Language Act - POBAL have spearheaded the Irish Language Community’s drive for a rights based Irish Language Act.
  • Research - POBAL conducts research into the needs of the Irish speaking community, north and south; into legislation, rights, services, good practice and into education.
  • Rights & Revelry - POBAL launched its annual Rights & Revelry event in 2009 to highlight the unfulfilled St Andrews’ Agreement promise to introduce an Irish Language Act.


POBAL was established in January 1998. We are a representative partnership that provides strategic direction and a democratic forum for the groups who have created the north's thriving range of social, economic, artistic and educational projects for the Irish speaking community. 

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Twin Spires Centre
155 Northumberland Street
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T: 0044-(0)28-9043-8132
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Email: eolas@pobal.org

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POBAL is a company limited by guarantee.                    Charity Ref. XT27908